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Inshore, As the water temperature heats up so does the bite. The redfish are coming off the flats and back into the creeks. The big reds are starting to show up at the jetties. The trout bite can be very good as the waters warms up as well.

Nearshore: Great time to get some big sheepshead at some of the reefs as well as some big black sea bass and spadefish will be around as the water gets a little warmer. This is also the best time of year to get hooked up on a big cobia.
Offshore: Mid April through mid June is the best time to troll for the pelagics like dolphin, tuna, wahoo, and billfish.


Inshore: The bait is thick and so are big redfish in the creeks as well as at the jetties. The trout bite can be very good on the incoming tides. The BIG shark bite is awesome, it is not unusual to get them over 100lbs.
Nearshore: Spadefish are still around, as well as barracuda. You can also run across some big redfish and sharks.
Offshore: With the trolling slowing down it is a good time to fill the cooler with delicious bottom dwellers. The wahoo and big dolphin can still be caught trolling.



Inshore: With winter coming fast and the bait leaving this is the best time of year to catch redfish and trout in the creeks and jetties. 30+ fish days are not uncommon.
Nearshore: The big redfish are spawning at some of the reefs around Charleston as well as some nice flounder.
Offshore: Sailfish season is on in Charleston!! This is the best time of year to get hooked up on an acrobatic drag screaming sailfish. The wahoo bite is also very good this time of year. Great time of year to get a wahoo over 60lbs.


Inshore: As the water gets colder it also gets clearer. Just before the water gets cold you can still get on a good trout bite. This is the best time of year to sightfish for redfish on the flats either on spin or try for a big one on the fly. It is not unusual to see over 100 redfish is a school.
Nearshore: The black sea bass are all over every reef off of Charleston
Offshore: With some bottom fishing seasons coming to a close you can still get on some big wahoo if the wind will let you get out  there.

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